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Going Turkey for medical treatment?

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Blog posts about having a weight loss surgery, plastic surgery, hair transplant and dental treatments in Turkey.
What to look for when having a surgery in Turkey, how to prepare for your medical journey...
Along with these, you can also find information about after care, weight loss surgery diets and healthy lifestyle.

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Is Turkey safe to have surgery there?

Renovated Me BLOG POSTS Is Turkey safe to have surgery there? The safety of having surgery in Turkey, like in any country, depends on various factors. Turkey is known for its growing medical tourism industry, offering a wide range of medical procedures, including cosmetic surgery...

Best Tummy Tuck Recovery

Renovated Me BLOG POSTS Tummy Tuck Recovery It takes six weeks for the body to heal from tummy tuck surgery. Swelling may last several weeks, but most patients are fully recovered in three months or less. At this point, it’s safe to begin exercising and...
Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery

Breast Implants Recovery

Renovated Me BLOG POSTS Recovery after Breast Implants When it comes to recovery from breast augmentation, closely following your surgeon’s post-operative instructions is critical to avoiding unwanted side effects and ensuring your new breasts heal correctly. Each person heals at their own pace, so take...

Best Breast Implant

Renovated Me BLOG POSTS Motiva breast Implants A Full, Round, Shapely Breast It provides the highest projection and a complete filling of the upper pole. Perkier and more youthful appearance. Stable round soft look and feel. Motiva Breast Implants are medical-grade silicone implants with a...

Deep Plane facelift or typical facelift?

Renovated Me BLOG POSTS Deep Plane facelift or typical facelift? The key difference between SMAS facelift and deep plane lift is that in SMAS surgery, the SMAS tissue layer and skin are lifted separately. In comparison, with deep plane lift, the skin, muscles, and SMAS...

What is Deep Plane Facelift?

Renovated Me BLOG POSTS Deep Plane Facelift  The term deep plane facelift refers to an anatomical space located between the SMAS layer and the deeper tissue in the face and neck. By entering into this deeper space, the SMAS (and the platysma) can be completely...