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Is Gastric Sleeve Safe in Turkey?

Gastric sleeve in Turkey is performed using methods as same as the ones in the US and the UK (mostly laparoscopic procedure). The main result of this effective surgery is the reduction of the patient’s stomach. Therefore, food intake will be less than before.

Why Do People Go to Turkey for Gastric Sleeve?

  • Affordable prices (in comparison with the US and the UK) in addition to high-quality medical technology

  • World-renowned achievements of Turkish physicians

  • The combination of tourism experience and health services for both patients and their families

  • No waiting lists

  • High-quality clinics and hospitals

  • Exceptional medical care in addition including attention to patient safety, foreign patients in particular

  • Due to the progress of tourism in Turkey as its main industry, there are hundreds of luxury, comfortable hotels for your accommodation before and after the surgical treatment

  • Patients will be thoroughly examined and their health will be evaluated before going back to their countries. Following surgery, you will be evaluated by professionals and given nutritional guidance before returning to your home country.

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Gastric Sleeve Hospitals in Turkey

Bariatric surgery cannot be performed in any hospital as it is a very sensitive and special operation. Therefore, you must find out the suitability of your surgeon’s hospital for operation.

– The operation room must have certain equipment, international standards (ISO international standards), and medical facility.

– The score of the hospital’s intensive care unit must be at least grade 2. You can ask the name of the hospital and check its qualifications.

– The number of intensive care beds must be sufficient.

– In addition to your surgeon and their team, it is better there should be full-time physicians at the hospital, especially experts in the cardiology department. Make sure to ask about this and also check it for yourself.

– It would be better if there’s interventional radiology as well.

– Operating table and patient beds should be suitable for obese patients.

– You might have to stay 1 or 2 days in the hospital. Make sure it has enough facilities for you and your companion.

Disadvantages of Gastric Sleeve in Turkey

Not knowing the Turkish language may cause you some problems when communicating with some staff or people in the streets.

Not being close to home increases your need for a companion. So, bringing another person might be an extra cost.

Checking specialist surgeons’ credibility is a bit difficult. And of course, options are not limited.

Not being able to have face to face follow-up sessions with your surgeon and their team

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