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Deep Plane facelift or typical facelift?

The key difference between SMAS facelift and deep plane lift is that in SMAS surgery, the SMAS tissue layer and skin are lifted separately. In comparison, with deep plane lift, the skin, muscles, and SMAS are all pulled up togetherAlthough the Deep Plane is technically a more challenging and lengthy procedure compared to superficial SMAS facelifts , it offers a number of advantages, which made it the go-to choice for natural, long-lasting results in modern facial rejuvenation surgery.Firstly, the entry point of the deep plane is closer to the medial soft tissues compared to other SMAS flap techniques. This allows direct access to the areas of concern that need re-suspension using the SMAS. This is a significant biomechanical advantage compared to the traditional facelifts .

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Surgeon is able to perform an extensive release and directly access the ptotic medial facial soft tissues. This allows a very effective re-suspension of the SMAS and platysma with no need to apply excessive tension.

Releasing the ligaments and other dense fibrous attachments in the deep plane allows for the SMAS and platysma to be re-suspended with minimal tension. This is very important in terms of the longevity of this technique as there is less risk of early failure and snapping of the SMAS suspension sutures from too much tension. The results are also more natural eliminating the unattractive look of excessively pulled tissues. In addition, there is less risk of suture “cheesewiring”  through the SMAS, a situation that often creates dents or other irregularities in the face.

Another advantage of the deep plane technique is the improvement that can be achieved in the midface region. By freeing up the ligaments during the extended deep plane facelift, it is possible to access and reposition the ptotic midface fat compartments and restore the volume and projection on the malar eminence. This is not possible with conventional facelifts where the zygomatic ligament remains uninterrupted and the effect on the midface is minimal.

Finally, with the extended deep plane dissection in the neck it is possible to free up the platysma muscle to approximately 5 cm below the jawline. A platysma flap is then created via a back-cut and this flap is re-suspended to the mastoid area creating a crisp, youthful jawline. The posterior jawline, which has lost volume with age, can be also augmented by repositioning SMAS tissue. The Platysma back cut transects some of the unwanted vertical bands, but also creates a flap that acts as a hammock supporting the ptotic deep neck tissues, including the submandibular glands.  

The deep plane facelift is a safe and durable method to address the aging changes of the neck, jowls, nasolabial fold, and malar fat pad. The technique is helpful to avoid a previously created surgical plane in secondary facelifts.

Why do results of a deep plane facelift last longer than a typical facelift?

The results of a deep plane facelift surgery last for over fifteen years. Patients will continue to age normally after the surgery is performed, but the results are long lasting. Even 15 years after deep plane facelift surgery, patients will continue to look as youthful as they did on the day of surgery

The deep plane facelift is more technically difficult and takes additional time than other types of facelifts. Therefore, many surgeons do not perform the procedure.

The extended deep plane facelift provides long-lasting improvement in the midface and lower lids, in addition to the neck and jawline. The extended deep plane facelift restores a youthful appearance and removes excess skin for a natural result.

The extended deep plane procedure is more effective than other facelift procedures for many reasons, including more extensive dissection to resuspend the deeper layers that are not addressed with the other types of lifts.

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