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face lift treatment

Deep Plane Facelift

 The term deep plane facelift refers to an anatomical space located between the SMAS layer and the deeper tissue in the face and neck. By entering into this deeper space, the SMAS (and the platysma) can be completely released from the underlying tissues, allowing for a more effective, tension-free suspension.The SMAS and Platysma become free not only from the skin but also from the deeper layers, where the masseter muscle and the facial nerve branches are found. The separation (or undermining) however of the skin flap from the SMAS is less extensive leaving them attached together towards the middle of the face, hence the term “composite flap”.


What age is best for deep plane facelift?

In most cases, a facelift works best for people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s when signs of aging begin to become prevalent. Deep lines, wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin are the result of the aging process and can be best corrected through surgical techniques rather than non-surgical ones.

Who is a good candidate for deep plane facelift?

You can be a candidate for a deep-plane facelift if you have extremely loose skin on your neck and face. These drastic facial changes caused by aging tend to make you appear upset, tired, or even angry, even if you’re really not.

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